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Mini Pleat Air Filters

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ASHRAE mini pleat filters are designed with five times the media area when compared to a standard pleated panel filter. SuperFlo Max™ mini pleat filters are composed of ultra-fine glass microfiber media, treated with a specially formulated water repellant binder. Adhesive beads insure even airflow and filter strength.

These extended surface filters are tested and certified to be used in air filtration systems that require medium to high filtration efficiency such as: hospitals, health care facilities, educational institutions, microprocessor manufacturing and much more.



Features Provided by Mini Pleat Filters

  • Media produced from glass microfibers are moisture resistant and will not support microbial growth.
  • Rigid construction
  • Long service life
  • Savings in energy costs
  • Excellent option for meeting the requirements of medium to high efficiency filtration.
  • Available in 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch or 12-inch depths to match your filter rack


  • ASHRAE Mini Pleat Air Filters
    ASHRAE Mini Pleat Filters designed with five times the media area when compared to a standard pleated panel filter. VIEW MORE »
    ASHRAE Mini Pleat Air Filters
  • DOP
    Squeeze maximal filtration into a 1-inch, 2-inch, or 4-inch filter rack with Air Filters, Inc™ SuperFlo Max™ DOP Mini Pleat filter. VIEW MORE »
  • HEPA
    The Air Filters Inc.™ SuperFlo Max™HEPA mini pleat allows the same airflows as old style filters with aluminum separators. VIEW MORE »
  • HEPA 99.99%
    HEPA 99.99% Mini Pleat Filter VIEW MORE »
    HEPA 99.99%
  • HEPA 99.999%
    HEPA 99.999% Mini Pleat Filter VIEW MORE »
    HEPA 99.999%
  • ULPA
    Air Filters, Inc™ SuperFlo Max™ ULPA Metal Cell Mini Pleat filter advanced pleat pack is stronger , more aerodynamic and reduces pressure drop through the filter. VIEW MORE »
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