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Larger commercial facilities play host to a number of different people, who all have varying sensitivities to small particles. Studies show that indoor pollutant levels are two- to five-times higher than outdoor levels. Indoor air pollutants have also been recognized as a top five environmental risk to public health. With this in mind, Air Filters, Inc. is committed to providing the industry's best filtration products for our customers working in commercial environments.

Clean air can have a direct impact on a company's bottom line by improving overall worker performance and reducing the risk of lost productivity due to illnesses and allergies. Unfortunately, when outdoor air enters a poorly-filtered ventilation system, dust, smoke, pollen and other contaminants deposit on ducts, batteries and fans, resulting in poor airflow that disrupts the balance between supply and exhaust air.

Various Filtration Requirements

With Air Filters, Inc. high-performing, energy-efficient commercial filters, you can better maintain this balance and drastically eliminate the amount of contaminants that enter your facility. We offer a complete line of HVAC filtering solutions, from high efficiency, anti-microbial filters to low efficiency disposable filters. Whatever the climate, whatever the environmental challenges, our superior products are ideally-equipped to meet your filtration requirements for a clean, fresh, healthy working environment that promotes greater overall productivity.

For over half a century, Air Filters, Inc. has provided superior commercial air filtration solutions to countless businesses throughout the country. With an unyielding dedication to quality, we deliver tailored solutions that meet each client's individual needs. We also carry much more stock than other providers and offer speedy deliveries and timely, knowledgeable customer service. Contact our office to learn more about our complete line of top-quality commercial air filters.

Select Your Filter Type

  • HVAC Filters
    Proper air filtration and care for your HVAC system will result in better conditions and air quality. Our HVAC filters will help to increase the longevity of your HVAC system. VIEW MORE »
    HVAC Filters
  • Moisture Separators
    The primary function of mist eliminators are to collect water droplets and oil mist from an air stream and divert the liquid to an appropriate drain. VIEW MORE »
    Moisture Separators
  • Baffle Grease Filters
    The washable Titan-Flo™ grease filter is specifically engineered for kitchen ventilating systems and is installed in standard canopies or back-shelf assemblies. VIEW MORE »
    Baffle Grease Filters
  • Carbon Filters
    Carbon filters are highly effective for removing VOCs, controlling odors and can be applied as a pre-filter for use in commercial and industrial high efficiency systems. VIEW MORE »
    Carbon Filters
  • Dust Collection Bags
    Flo-Pak™ dust collection bags have a high dust holding capacity and low resistance. VIEW MORE »
    Dust Collection Bags
  • High Temperature Filters
    These durable filters can be operated at extremely high velocities with minimum pressure drop. VIEW MORE »
    High Temperature Filters
  • Engine / Compressor / Blower Panel Style Intake Filters
    Titan-Flo™ air intake / impact filter elements are engineered to efficiently filter dust, dirt and other airborne contaminants of 10 microns providing clean air with low pressure loss. VIEW MORE »
    Engine / Compressor / Blower Panel Style Intake Filters
  • Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filters
    Air Filters Incorporated™ gas turbine air inlet filters are used on large engine intake systems specially designed for gas turbines and other turbo machinery equipment such as compressors or diesel engines. VIEW MORE »
    Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filters
  • Cylinder / Cone Cartridge
    Spiral Flo™ cartridges are used in gas turbine air intake systems, as well as freestanding dust collector systems. VIEW MORE »
    Cylinder / Cone Cartridge
  • Aluminum Separated Box Filters
    Aluminum Separated Box Filters can be constructed with air purification requirements ranging from ASHRAE, DOP, HEPA, or ULPA VIEW MORE »
    Aluminum Separated Box Filters
  • Mini Pleat Air Filters
    ASHRAE mini pleat filters are designed with five times the media area when compared to a standard pleated panel filter. VIEW MORE »
    Mini Pleat Air Filters
  • V-Cell Filters
    V-Cell filters are designed for commercial and industrial environments to replace conventional bags and rigid filters. VIEW MORE »
    V-Cell Filters
  • Two Stage Foam Aluminum Filters
    The washable Type AFI two-stage foam and aluminum filter is designed to replace the disposable air filters. VIEW MORE »
    Two Stage Foam Aluminum Filters
  • Cube/Pocket Filters
    High dust holding capacity and low resistance make these filters an excellent choice for prefilters, primary or second-stage filters, or paint spray booth filters. VIEW MORE »
    Cube/Pocket Filters
  • Air Filter Media
    Air Filters, Inc. has the largest variety inventory of media in stock in Texas. VIEW MORE »
    Air Filter Media
  • Rigid Cell Filters
    The key to the ASTRO-Pak's performance capability is the design which is built around controlled filter media spacing, which ensures maximum air flow with minimal resistance factors. VIEW MORE »
    Rigid Cell Filters
  • Pad Holding Frames
    Galvanized pad-holding frames are built to offer flexable and economical method of containing a myriad of pads filtration medias. VIEW MORE »
    Pad Holding Frames
  • Industrial Panel Filters
    Industrial Panels are for medium to hi-velocity applications with low pressure drop. VIEW MORE »
    Industrial Panel Filters
  • Paint Booth Filters
    One paint booth filter collector will not perform well with all coatings. Each of Air Filters, Inc.'s overspray collectors is designed to provide optimum performance and extended service life for specific applications. VIEW MORE »
    Paint Booth Filters
  • Filter Accessories
    Air Filters Inc. is a leading supplier of anything that is needed for air filters, or your air breathing quality in the home or office. VIEW MORE »
    Filter Accessories
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