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Filter Housings

The custom industrial air filter housing is engineered to provide a rugged and durable 1 piece unit. It is completely factory assembled, ready for immediate installation when received at the job site. Unit sizes can range from any size needed for what is required.

Filter Housing Applications

Air Filters, Inc. can custom manufacture filter housings to fit custom sized furnace filters for several different applications such as:

  • Single Stage Filtration Units
  • Two Stage Filtration Units
  • Pre-Filters
  • Final Stage Filters
  • Standard Housings
    Each housing shall accommodate a 2” OR 4” deep pre-filter and a bag OR rigid final filter with a 1” header. Units are offered in three housing depths VIEW MORE »
    Standard Housings
  • Single Flat-Bank Housings
    Single Flat-Bank Housings are designed to hold a single stage of filtration. This housing accomodates a 2-Inch or 4-Inch deep pre-filter. VIEW MORE »
    Single Flat-Bank Housings
  • Double Flat-Bank Housings
    Intended for both new and replacement applications, each Housing accommodates a 2-Inch or 4-Inch deep pre-filters and 2-Inch or 4-Inch deep final-filters. VIEW MORE »
    Double Flat-Bank Housings
  • HEPA Grid Assembly
    HEPA Grid Assembly are designed to accomodate a new or used 6 to 12-Inch box style HEPA final filter. VIEW MORE »
    HEPA Grid Assembly
  • HEPA Bolt-Lock Housings
    The Air Filter, Inc. "Bolt-Lock" HEPA filter locking assembly is designed for sealing integrity easy filter change. Filters can be loaded from both sides on housing over 1 wide. VIEW MORE »
    HEPA Bolt-Lock Housings
  • HEPA Crank-Lock Housings
    Each HEPA Crank-Lock Housing accommodates a 2-Inch or 4-Inch deep pre-filters and 12-Inch box style HEPA final filter. VIEW MORE »
    HEPA Crank-Lock Housings
  • V-Bank Housings
    V-Bank Housings units are factory assembled in a "one-peice rugged construction", and reinforced with corner gussets to add extra stability. VIEW MORE »
    V-Bank Housings
  • Auto-Roll Machine
    Manufactured with innovation features and options for a wide range of uses requiring end-loading systems with access doors. VIEW MORE »
    Auto-Roll Machine
  • Bank Frames
    Bank Frame are used to construct built-up filter banks for upstream or downstream access using ASHRAE rated filters. VIEW MORE »
    Bank Frames
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