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24x24x12 HighCell Turbine V-Cell DOP Gas Turbine Filter Pastic Frame w/Single Header


24x24x12 HighCell Turbine V-Cell DOP Gas Turbine Filter Pastic Frame w/Single Header [+] click to enlarge

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HighCell V-Cell Filter



V-Cell Filter




F i l t e r e d  A i r b o r n e  C o n t a m i n a n t s :
Dust MitesMoldSmogSmokeAllergensGreen Product



Size : 24x24x12

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HighCell V-Cell Filter



V-Cell Filter





Air Filters, Incorporated™ HighCell™ DOP Turbine 4 V-Cell are perfectly designed for use in air filtration handler systems using filter banks and/or side access housings. These filters are specifically designed to withstand surging and pulsations due to centrifuge compressors, gas turbine and industrial engines. 4 V-Cell provides a superior combination of low pressure drop and high efficiency through the use of our unique minipleat design. This extended surface design ensures low resistance to airflow and reduceenergy cost.

Specially-formulated adhesive beads insure even airflow and filter strength and is completely sealed within the frame with urethane to eliminate air bypass.


Air Filters, Incorporated™ HighCell™ DOP Turbine 4 V-Cell Filters are durable, Plastic frame makes the 4 V-Cell of choice in filtration systems with high velocities, variable air volumes , high moisture. The lightweight Plastic frame installs easily into side-access housings or front-load holding frames and is an ideal choice to replace bag filters and other box-style ridgid filters.


Single header frame is constructed from Plastic and secured to frame with specialized media selant ensuring the elimination of air bypass.

Additional Information

U.S. Efficiency DOP 95%
Euro Efficiency EN1822-E11
Shipping Ship within 24 hours
Market Commercial, Industrial
Applications HVAC, Turbine Air Intake
Characteristics 9 to 12 Month Filter, Disposable, Arrestance 99%, DOP
Filtered Contaminants Mold, Smog, Smoke, Bacteria, Allergens, LEED
Construction / Style Plastic Frame, 4 V-Cell Frame, Single Header
Media Synthetic
Filter Frame plastic
Pleats Per Foot 96
Actual Size 23-3/8x23-3/8x11-1/2
Nominal Size 24x24x12
Manufacturer Air Filters Incorporated
UPC 715907015483
MFG Part DOP-4V242412PFSH-GT
Weight 0.0000

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