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24 X 24 X 18

24x24x18 Flo-Pak 12 Pocket Merv 16 Synthetic Bag Filter

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Flo-Pak ASHRAE 98% Bag Filter

Synthetic Media

PLEASE NOTE : Filter life of up to 4 - 6 Months is heavily determined by application and environmental variables


Air Filters, Inc.™ Flo-Pak™ Synthetic Bag Filters now utilizes an internal stitch design engineered to withstand demanding applications. Years of development and the highest quality raw materials available are combined to create manufacturing air bag filters unmatched in performance and value. The Flo-Pak™ Bag Filters extended surface bag filter was developed to provide dependable performance in commercial and industrial applications.

Synthetic Bag Filters not only only reduce up to 98% of allergens and microscopic particles for both homes and businesses but effectively eliminate allergies and sinus irritation that can cause watery eyes, itchy throat, coughing, and sneezing. We highly recommend filters for any asthmatics or respiratory sufferers who requirer premium indoor quality in the their home or office. Will attract and capture the small, allergy-aggravating micro-particles that can cause your family discomfort and collect more than 90-Percent of ALL microns of contaminants. Particles in indoor air are measured in microns, which are 1/1000 of a millimeter. Because of this high filtration and air flow restriction, heating and air conditioner systems should be checked to make sure they can handle filters rated MERV 14 and above.

Air Filters, Inc.™ Flo-Pak™ Synthetic Bag Filters meets the Green Building Council's latest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Indoor Air Quality Requirements for optimal indoor quality. These filters meet and/or exceed standard requirements for American Lung Association® Health House® and utilizes electrostatically charged, 100% synthetic media which offers significantly higher particulate efficiency than regular poly/cotton media pleated filters, with little change in static pressure.


The Flo-Pak™ extended surface bag filter was developed to provide dependable performance in commercial and industrial applications. Hospitals, manufacturing plants and office buildings can depend on Flo-Pak's reliability in the protection of their HVAC equipment and occupants with low pressure drop by being unaffected by moisture or humidity. Filtering these airborne particles can help alleviate allergies and sinus irritation that can cause watery eyes, itchy throat, coughing, sneezing, asthma or other respiratory ailments. Additional benefits are extending the life of your Air Conditioning / Furnace system by allowing the system to work more efficiently and economically.


Flo-Pak manufacturing air bag filters are constructed with ultra-fine Synthetic filtration media.

* ASHRAE 98% extended surface bag filter media is mechanically attached to a corrosion resistant header.

* ASHRAE 98% extended surface bag filter with each component of the header combined to create a total system, design for maximum durability.

* ASHRAE 98% extended surface bag filter shape of the pockets allows each one to fully inflate without touching the adjacent pockets.

* ASHRAE 98% extended surface bag filter particulates are evenly collected throughout the entire depth of the filter, thus utilizing every square inch of media.

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Additional Information

SKU BFS98-4418-12P
U.S. Efficiency MERV 16
Euro Efficiency EN1822-E10
Shipping Ship within 10 - 14 days
Market Industrial, Commercial
Applications Airport , Church , Hospital Exams , Hospital Labs , Office Buildings , School, Manufacturing Plant
Characteristics Arrestance 98% , ASHRAE Efficiency 95% , Disposable , Dust Efficiency 95% , MERV 14, 4 to 6 Month Filter
Filtered Contaminants bacteria , dander , mold , smog , smoke, allergens
Construction / Style Plastic , Pocket / Bag, 12 Pocket
Media Synthetic, Polypropylene
Filter Frame plastic
Actual Size 23 7/8 x 23 7/8 x 17 7/8
Nominal Size 24 x 24 x 18
Manufacturer Air Filters Incorporated
MFG Part BFS98-4418-12P

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