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20 X 24 X 6

20x24x6 Astro-Pak MERV 12 Rigid Metal Cell No Header

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Astro-Pak MERV 12

Size : 20x24x6


Air Filters, Inc.™ Astro-Pak™ Metal Cell Merv 12 Rigid Cell Filters are designed to meet exact specifications in medium to high efficiency commercial or industrial applications. These Rigid Cell Filters are used in a variety of applications including: hospitals, manufacturing plants, microelectronic component assembly and food processing. 


Rigid construction allows these Air Filters, Inc.™ Astro-Pak™ to be used in a wide variety of indoor air quality applications. They are ideal for variable air volume (VAV) systems where changes in air flow can adverse affects on non-rigid type filters. 

The key to the ASTRO-Pak's performance capability is its design. The design is built around controlled filter media spacing, which ensures maximum air flow with minimal resistance factors. The heart of any filter product is the media. The filter media is a high density, microglass fiber or synthetic fiber, which consis-tently provide high performance ratings. The media is supported by heavy-duty, metal backing to aid in maintaining its rigid configuration. Controlled filter media spacing is achieved through the use of flame retardant, plastic media separators. 


To ensure maximum rigidity and prevent any possible media pack shifting under high velocity conditions, diagonal, reinforcing struts are attached to the filter frame. The filter header option lets the Air Filters, Inc.™ Astro-Pak™ fit into any existing installation without modification.

Air Filters, Inc.™ Astro-Pak™ filters can be interchanged or adapted to any existing filter system. 

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Additional Information

Filter Frame Material Galzanized Metal
U.S. Efficiency MERV 12
Euro Efficiency EN779-F6
Shipping Ship within 5 - 7 days
Market Industrial, Commercial
Applications Commercial Building , Computer Lab , Hospital Exams , Hospital Labs , Hospital Surgery , Industrial Workplace , Pharmaceutical Mfg, Cleanroom
Characteristics Disposable , No Header , Straight Box, 6 Month Filter
Filtered Contaminants dust , mite , pollen , smog, dander
Construction / Style Metal , Rigid Cell, Standard Pleat , Metal
Media Synthetic
Filter Frame metal
Pleats Per Foot 12
Actual Size 19 3/4 x 23 5/8 x 5 7/8
Nominal Size 20 x 24 x 6
Manufacturer Air Filters Incorporated
UPC 715907011010
MFG Part QCN20246
Weight 38.3000

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