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16 X 25 X 2

16x25x2 Astro-Sorb PLUS Carbon Merv 8 Welded Wire Pleated

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Astro-Sorb Activated Carbon MERV 8

Welded Wire Backing


Are you simply masking annoying odors?

Astro-Pleat™ Astro-Sorb™ MERV 8 welded metal wire activated carbon 2-inch air filters provides light to moderate odor control of smoke, pet odors and cooking odors that are absorbed and trapped with in the millions of microscopic carbon pores. With a combination of granular activated carbon (Removing gases and odor's) thermally bonded to the polyester non-woven fibers (Rated for Arrestance of 85% and Dust Efficiency 35%) that offers maximum carbon surface area, consistent carbon distribution with minimal pressure loss. Primarily used for general indoor air filtration in heating, cooling and ventilation equipment/systems but also can be applied as an excellent pre-filter for use in commercial and industrial high efficiency systems.


Astro-Pleat™ Astro-Sorb™ activated carbon 2-inch pleated air filter media is supported with Welded Wire backing and is encapsulated in a heavy duty die cut beverage board frame to insure filter integrity in high moisture applications. The pleats are formed in a radial configuration to insure proper dust loading.  The pleated filter cartridge is glued to the peripheral interior of the outer frame with a vinyl adhesive, preventing air by-pass. The face of the die cut is internally glued to the apexes of the pleats to insure maximum endurance under adverse conditions.

Activated carbon air filters are designed to last up to 3 months however the activated carbon with in the air filter can have a limited life span based on the amount of odors required to absorb and so replacement may need to occur in quicker intervals.

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Additional Information

SKU M8CW162528
U.S. Efficiency MERV 8 - 60% CTC
Euro Efficiency EN779-F5 - 60% CTC
Shipping Call for estimate
Market Commercial , Industrial, Residential
Applications Apartment , Commercial Building , House , HVAC , Industrial Workplace , Odor Control, Furnace | AC Filter
Characteristics Arrestance 90% , Disposable , Dust Efficiency 35% , MERV 8 , Odor Control, 3 Month Filter
Filtered Contaminants dust , mite , odor , pollen, dander
Construction / Style Cardboard Frame, Standard Pleat
Media Activated Carbon , Cotton-Polyester, Welded Wire , Activated Carbon
Filter Frame paper
Pleats Per Foot 8
Actual Size 15 1/2 x 24 1/2 x 1 3/4
Nominal Size 16 x 25 x 2
Manufacturer Air Filters Incorporated
UPC 715907067673
MFG Part M8CW162528
Weight 17.4000

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