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Extended Surface Cube / Pocket Filters

Air Filters, Inc™ Flo-Pak™ Poly Cubes are self-supported pocket filters offer excellent long life moisture resistant flexibility.


The media is sewn around an internal wire frame to form a built-in gasket. This pre-vent air from escaping and eliminates air bypass.

  • This filter is often used as a pre-filter.
  • Offers more than five times the surface area than flat filter.
  • Long Life
  • Can be configured in any combinations of media or combination medias.
  • Self-Sealing
  • Moisture Resistant
Cube/Pocket Filters

Poly Cubes are self-supported pocket filters that offer excellent application flexibility:

  • Prefilters - High dust holding capacity and low resistance make these filters an excellent choice for prefilters to extend he life of high efficiency final filters.
  • Primary Filters - They can also be used as the primary filter in single stage systems to protect coils and mechanical equipment.
  • Second Stage Filters - Our self-supported filters are used as the second stage in three stage filtration systems.
  • Paint Spray Booths - Multiple models are used as the final filter in paint booth overspray collection systems.
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