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Equipment downtime on drilling rigs or refineries can cost millions of dollars. The presence of airborne contaminates can negatively impact equipment performance, even if it does not cause downtime. Air Filters, Incorporated’s innovative, high-efficiency filters and filter systems protect engines, gas turbines, and machinery by trapping dirt, dust and other contaminates that could damage your equipment and assets. Our products are designed to perform in the harsh oil field and refinery processing environments and provide reliable performance to keep your equipment operating at optimal effectiveness. We offer standard and custom solutions and can design a filtering system to meet your unique application requirements.

Our full line:

  • Titan-Mist™ Moisture Separators are low efficiency particulate filters designed for use in outdoor air ducts, protecting equipment in processing environments and on oil rigs. The filters remove water droplets and oil mist from air streams and divert the liquid to an appropriate drain. Constructed using washable, corrosion resistant materials, they provide long-term performance.
  • Flo-Pak™ Stiff Pocket Extended Surface Bag Filters are designed for high efficiency performance in the demanding high humidity environments found in oil field and oil processing facilities. They are reliable filters for HVAC equipment and pre-filters for HEPA filters and are environmentally friendly.
  • SuperFlo Max™ Mini Pleat Filters are ASHRAE filters designed with five times the media area when compared to standard pleated panel filters. They provide even air flow, filter strength and long service life. Our Mini Pleat Filters are ideal for processing applications that require medium to high filtration efficiency.
  • Titan-Flo™ Intake/Impact Panel Filters are air intake filters that use a lightweight 100% pleated polyester felt that is inserted between pleated epoxy coated screens. These heavy-duty, easy to clean filters can be used as a pre-filter or as a primary filter for engines, compressors, or blowers.
  • Sure Cell™ V-Cell Filters are efficient, durable pre-filters for HEPA filters in production environments. With efficiency ratings from 40-95%, MERV 8 - MERV 15, they are designed to replace conventional bags and rigid filters. Our V-cell filters can be constructed to meet ASHRAE, DOP, HEPA or ULPA standards.
  • Loc-N-Load™ pleated filters have an expanded metal-backing and an interlocking cardboard frame that allows multiple filters to be securely locked together to eliminate air bypass and provide superior air filtration.
  • Housings designed specifically for our filters, offering reliable, efficient operation, extended filter life and easy maintenance. We offer standard, v-bank, side access, side access double flat and filter back configurations.
  • Accessories, including ZipTrax™ plastic channels, Titan Frame™ pad holding frames and AireTrap™ gaskets.

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