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Safeguarding the health and comfort of passengers and employees, Air Filters, Inc. specializes in the industry’s latest filtration technology to minimize contamination and supply clean, filtered air to terminals and airport work areas.

Together with our team of engineers, consultants and sales staff, Houston-based Air Filters, Inc. addresses airport pollution from a variety of sources:

  • Carbon monoxide & sulfur dioxide
  • Passenger illness & crowd contaminants
  • Diesel fuel & aircraft hydrocarbons
  • Ground support equipment
  • Baggage handling vehicles
  • Aircraft maintenance vehicles
  • Auxiliary power units & portable generators
  • Passenger transport (shuttles, taxi & buses)
  • Fuel, catering & hydrant trucks
  • Personal vehicles

Airport Disease Prevention

As mass volumes of international travelers converge in your airport or transportation hub, they bring contaminants that put other passengers and guests at risk. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases during high-volume travel times and lengthy flight delays, Air Filters, Inc. manufactures high-performance custom air filters. These products work 24/7 to purify air, remove odors, and reduce contamination from bacteria, viruses, mold and spores.

For your peace of mind, high-quality airport filtration limits the spread of colds and common illnesses while also controlling communicable diseases such as SARS, H1N1 and Ebola.

Industrial Pollution Filtration

Studies show that poor air quality extends for miles beyond an airport. Engineers and maintenance personnel must be vigilant about indoor air quality (IAQ) since the constant flow of airport pollution in terminals and exterior buildings poses health risks to both transient travelers and employees. Air Filters, Inc. offers filtration solutions that prevent aircraft gases and fuel byproducts from entering vulnerable heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

Enclosed areas filled with carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide cause nausea, grogginess, lethargy and other symptoms, and high levels of these gases can lead to asphyxiation and death. Air Filters, Inc.’s specialized filters help provide fresh air for airport occupants and comply with demanding environmental and procedural regulations. Our mix of particulate and molecular filtration (chemisorbants) are proven to remove hydrocarbons, diesel fumes, kerosene and other lung-damaging particles before they enter indoor air.

Airport Filtration Features & Benefits

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, a filter of MERV 13 or greater efficiency is needed to control particulates generated by airport construction, aircraft exhaust, maintenance particulates and passenger contaminants. Our particulate filters are available in MERV 8 to 16, while our activated carbon, specialty impregnated carbon and chemisorbant materials reach mechanical efficiencies of 99.9%.

Offering superior absorption and removal of chemical, gaseous and bacterial pollutants, Air Filters, Inc. products control molecular and particulate pollutants and are designed for use in cutting-edge climate control systems. Additional filter features and advantages include:

  • Wide selection of sizes & materials
  • Removal of gases, odors & vapors
  • Removal of VOC s & bio effluents
  • Control of visible & invisible airborne particles
  • Control of nuisance dust
  • Low maintenance construction
  • Capacity to withstand ultra-low pressure drop s
  • Allow for optimum airflow

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As a manufacturer and single source for all types of industrial, commercial and residential air filters, Air Filters, Inc. brings over six decades of expertise to the filtration industry. We hold numerous patents for cutting-edge filtration solutions and employ highly trained, dedicated personnel to recommend the best filters for your application-specific needs.

To speak with a Houston filtration expert, place an order, or check on an existing order, call 800.667.8563 or ask a question online.

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