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HEPA Crank-Lock Housings

Aire-Loc ™ HEPA Crank-Lock Housings are designed to hold a final OR dual stage of filtration. Intended for both new and replacement applications, each Housing accommodates a 2-Inch or 4-Inch deep pre-filters and 12-Inch box style HEPA final filter.

HEPA Crank-Lock Housings

Units are factory assembled in a "one-peice rugged construction", and reinforced with corner gussets to add extra stability with hand cranking action drives.

The Air Filter, Inc. "Crank-Lock" HEPA filter locking assembly is designed for sealing integrity easy filter change. Filters can be loaded from both sides on housing over 1 wide. A hand cranking action drives four spring loaded plungers, applying pressure on the filter, compressing the gasket against the filter's frame, keeping the filters tightly sealed. Units are factory assembled in a "one-piece rugged construction," and reinforced with corner gussets to add extra stability. Each unit is supplied with 1" flanges on the entering and leaving sides of the housing for easy installation to the duct and air handling systems. Access doors shall be fully gasketed around the perimeter with a closed cell neoprene gasket to ensure an air tight seal when closed. A closed cell urethane foam is included on the inside of doors and walls to seal against the filter edge to eliminate air by-pass. After fabrication units shall be sealed with a silicone compound on areas where metal meets metal, assuring a sealed housing.

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