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Museums & Libraries

Safeguarding artifacts from damage due to particulates, chemical compounds and outdoor pollutants, Air Filters, Inc. manufactures specialty filtration solutions for museums, libraries and archives. Our team partners with facility managers to meet application-specific needs, define air quality issues, and recommend high-performing filters that contribute to the long-term preservation of fragile artifacts.

Library & Museum Filtration Problems

Facility managers for libraries, archives and antiquities collections face increasing air quality challenges caused by construction, human contact and urbanization. Buildings that house historical documents, fine art and valuable books ideally utilize two to three stages of particulate and molecular filtration.

Aging artifacts are vulnerable to the exposure of ozone, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, exhaust fumes, moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and more, leading to media degradation, paint chipping and fabric fading. Air Filters, Inc. takes its job seriously, offering the latest filtration options that preserve the integrity, color, texture and longevity of our nation’s cultural and historical documents.

Filter Products for Archive Facilities

Archives and museum buildings require a minimum of MERV 8 filtration efficiency, though MERV 15 or higher is best. To meet the complex needs of these culturally relevant facilities, Air Filters, Inc. supplies high-performance standard and custom filter options that include:

  • Pleated pre-filters
  • Molecular filters (activated carbon & chemisorbant products)
  • HEPA filters
  • HVAC filters
  • ULPA, DOP & ASHRAE filters
  • V-cell filters
  • Activated carbon filters

When off-the-shelf filtration products don’t suit your needs, Air Filters, Inc. prototypes, tests and manufactures custom filters designed to meet climate and building-specific challenges. In addition, our indoor air quality products are proven to remove bacteria and pollutants that adversely affect visitor and employee health.

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Over time and without proper air filtration, molecular and particulate contaminants contribute to artifact soiling, chemical changes, discoloration and deterioration. Air Filters, Inc. partners with museum and library operators to choose filtration products that purify air, mitigate bacteria and mold, increase filtration efficiencies and ensure healthy environments for visitors and employees.

Backed by over six decades of experience, we are Houston’s one-stop-shop for filtration and air purification. To speak with a filtration specialist, build a custom filter, or purchase library and museum filter accessories, call 800.667.8563 or get help online. For your convenience, Air Filters, Inc. also provides educational installation videos and tutorials when it is time to install or replace your filtration products.

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