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12 X 24 X 16

12x24x16 PowerFlo-Max 16D Plastic Frame 4 V-Cell ASHRAE 95% Single Header 16 Inch Depth

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PowerFlo-Max 16D V-Cell Filter

V-Cell Filter


Air Filters, Inc.™ SureCell™ ASHRAE 95% Plastic Frame 4 V-Cell with Single Header NEW 16 Inch Depth filters are designed to provide high efficiency filtration in place of existing 12" deep filters within an air-handler. 4 V-Cell provides a superior combination of low pressure drop and high efficiency through the use of our unique MINI-PLEAT design. This extended surface design ensures low resistance to airflow and reduce energy cost.

Specially-formulated adhesive beads insure even airflow and filter strength and is completely sealed within the frame with urethane to eliminate air bypass.


Air Filters, Inc.™ SureCell™ ASHRAE 95% Plastic Frame 4 V-Cell with Single Header NEW 16 Inch Depth Filters are durable, Plastic frame makes the 4 V-Cell of choice in filtration systems with high velocities, variable air volumes , high moisture. The lightweight Plastic frame installs easily into side-access housings or front-load holding frames and is an ideal choice to replace bag filters and other box-style rigid filters.


Single Header NEW 16 Inch Depth frame is constructed from Plastic and secured to frame with specialized media sealant ensuring the elimination of air bypass.

Additional Information

Ashrae Efficiency ASHRAE 95%
Filter Frame Material Plastic
U.S. Efficiency ASHRAE 95%
Euro Efficiency EN779-F8
Shipping Ship within 10 - 14 days
Market Industrial, Commercial
Applications Carcinogenic , Cleanroom , Commercial Building , Computer Lab , Food Processing , Hospital Exams , Hospital Labs , Hospital Surgery , Industrial Workplace , Micro-Electronic Component Assembly , Office Buildings , Pharmaceutical Mfg, Manufacturing Plant
Characteristics ASHRAE Efficiency 95% , Low Pressure Drop, V-Cell , Disposable
Filtered Contaminants bacteria , mold , smog , smoke, allergens
Construction / Style Plastic Frame , V-Cell Frame, Mini-Pleat
Media Paper, Microglass
Filter Frame Plastic
Pleats Per Foot 108
Actual Size 11 3/8 x 23 3/8 x 15 1/2
Nominal Size 12 x 24 x 16
Manufacturer Air Filters Incorporated
UPC 715907070451
MFG Part ASH9-4V122416PFSH

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