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16 X 25 X 6

16x25x6 Puracel ASHRAE 85% High Capacity Box Filter Single Header

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Puracel Rigid Cell Box Filter


Air Filter Inc.™ Puracel™ ASHRAE Box Filter w/Header’s are manufactured from glass microfibers Puracel media. Both edges of the aluminum pleat separators are rolled to prevent media chaffing or tearing and provide maximum integrity.

These Rigid Cell filters offer high surface area to depth ratio provides the maximum amount of effective filter media in areas of minimum in-line duct space. Puracel™ filters are excellent solution for variable air volume systems along with high humidity enviroments.


Air Filter Inc.™ Puracel™ ASHRAE Box Filter w/Header’s are designed to meet UL class 1 requirements and built for industrial process applications requiring Ridged Cellerature applications. The media is a water resistant glass fiber mat formed into a pleated design with aluminum corrugated separators to maximize filter area. Hemmed aluminum separators prevent media damage and provide uniform pleat spacing. Media pack is sealed into frame using a compression fit and batted glass fiber seal.


Single header, double header or box style frame is constructed from Galvanized Metal. Each filter is constructed with upstream and downstream face guards as well as cross bracing straps on downstream side.

Additional Information

Ashrae Efficiency ASHRAE 85%
Capacity High Capacity
Filter Frame Material Galvanized Metal
U.S. Efficiency ASHRAE 85%
Euro Efficiency EN779-F7
Shipping Ship within 10 - 14 days
Market Industrial, Commercial
Applications Airport , Church , Food Processing , Hospital Exams , Hospital Labs , School, Manufacturing Plant
Characteristics Abrasion Resistant, ASHRAE Efficiency 85% , Low Pressure Drop , Single Header , Spark Resistant , High Capacity
Filtered Contaminants mite , mold , smog , smoke, allergens
Construction / Style Galvanized Frame , Metal , Single Header, Metal
Media Aluminum Separator
Filter Frame metal
Actual Size 15 3/8 x 24 3/8 x 5 7/8
Nominal Size 16 x 25 x 6
Manufacturer Air Filters Incorporated
Weight 18.7628

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